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2022 Website Design Trends

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Last January, we shared our top website trends for 2021. This January, we’re back with a whole new list of 2022 website design trends. We touched on a few of these trends in our last post. Now, let’s dig into them.

Focus on Levity

It’s been a tough few years. That may be why there’s a big trend toward playfulness and humor in website design for 2022. Generally, we’ll see bolder, more colorful designs, more animation, and more whimsy on websites this year.

The playfulness on your website should always reflect your brand. Brand-aligned humor can take many forms. If your brand is already informal and whimsical, incorporating levity into your content and design will be fairly easy. Emphasize the bold colors of your brand. Consider developing an avatar for your company, product, or service. Use animation to help tell your story. 

If your brand is more formal and conservative, there are still ways you can lighten it up. Consider revamping your team bios to be more conversational. Update your team’s headshots to make sure everyone’s smiling. Incorporate visual storytelling through interactive design, animation, or infographics and flow charts.

Websites That Behave Like Apps

Mobile-first design is a big 2022 website design trend. It recognizes that many people now interact with online content exclusively through their phones and tablets. App-like websites embrace user interaction and ease of use. They create dynamic experiences where users tap, swipe, and scroll to discover new information. Sticky navigations make it easy to move around the site and remind users how to connect with you.  

Big, Bold Fonts

Text is taking center stage in many homepage designs this year. Some designers are swapping big hero images on homepages for bold, text-forward designs. This can enforce minimalist aspects of your brand if used against a contrasting background. Or, it can add another layer of interest to an image or video. Big, bold type can be used across your site in place of images to add information and visual interest.

One-Page Sites

Single-page, long-scroll sites have been around for years, and they’re seeing a resurgence in 2022. These sites are ideal for companies that sell just a few products or services, solopreneurs, and anyone else who appreciates simplicity and straightforward design. These types of sites read much like flyers do and put everything a visitor needs to know about your brand on a single page.

There you have it—the top 2022 website design trends. For more inspiration and to get started on your website design, get in touch with the Balius creative team today.

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