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New Year, New Website?

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Can you remember the last time you updated your business’s current website? How about the last time you visited your site? If the answer to both of these questions is No, then you need to add “new website” to your 2022 marketing plan.

How to Know You Need a New Website

Just like any other marketing asset, websites need regular updates to stay relevant, engaging, and found online. Often, time is the biggest factor in knowing if you need to rehaul your site or not. Your services and products—and how you talk about them—change over time. If you haven’t updated the content of your website in a number of years, it likely no longer reflects your current products or services or speaks to your current audience. Taking the time to read through your website may reveal that it’s missing products or services. You may also find that your team and about us pages are out-of-date.

There are more concrete signs that you need a new website, too. One is if your website does not reflect any updated branding you’ve invested in recently. Another is if your site is not mobile responsive. It may be time for a new website if your current site doesn’t include an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate is an extra layer of security and protection for your site. Google actually ranks sites lower if they don’t have one, so it definitely pays to upgrade.

2022 Website Design Trends

Now that we’ve created some urgency, let’s talk trends. Overall, websites will be bolder, more interactive, and easier to use in 2022. Vibrant, engaging photography in the hero section (that’s the first section you see on the homepage) overlaid with a bold call to action will become more popular. Eye-catching designs will carry through the rest of the site, too, with bold color and font choices and well-defined page structure.

More websites will feature video, animation, and other interactive features in 2022. Not only do these features make websites more engaging, they will make it easier for users to get in touch with you and your brand. One study found that users retain up to 95 percent of a video’s message, compared to just 10 percent of written text’s message. If you’re not using video for your website, you’re missing out.

Find The Right Professional Web Design Partner

Investing in a new website for 2022 is fun and exciting when you have the right experts on your team. The Balius creative team can work with you to identify your goals and needs for your new website. Then, we’ll create a secure, functional, and beautiful website that reflects your brand, shares your message, and engages users.

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