Video Marketing

EDL Stretch Bundler

Fun project we completed for our client EDL Packaging of Green Bay, WI.

INTRODUCING THE EDL STRETCH BUNDLER, WHERE PRECISION MEETS EFFICIENCY TO SAVE COST AND FLOORSPACE AND REDUCE THE ENVIRONMENTAL FOOTPRINT ASSOCIATED WITH MULTIPACK BUNDLING. Using tension, not heat, the EDL Stretch Bundler is a space efficient, nimble solution for packaging bundles of bottles, cartons, pouches ,and bags whether small or large, heat sensitive, soft or rigid, from pet food to pharmaceuticals.

EDL Carpet Padding

This is a video that we created for our client EDL Packaging out of Green Bay, Wisconsin. They were looking for a way to tell a story about their carpet packing machine that was engaging yet got the point across in a creative way.

Lake Air Capabilities

Lake Air Companies has a rich history of expertise in metal fabrication and stamping. Lake Air Metal Stamping has been in business since 1958 as a full-service provider of precision metal stampings. In 1974, Lake Air Metal Products was established as a precision metal fabricator. In the years since, we’ve come to be known simply as Lake Air Metals and are still offering the same superior products and outstanding customer service we were founded upon over 50 years ago. This video represents what we do, how we do it and the equipment we use to do it.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Product Launch

Balius Marketing & Web Design wrote, directed and product this product launch video for Thermo Fisher Scientific’s PID division.

How to Perform Like the Pros

You work hard and take your gigs seriously, just like the pros do. So how do the pros sound so much better than the rest of the bands out there? They invest in equipment that helps them achieve the best possible sound. Here three things you can do to improve your sound and start selling out venues just like the pros do.