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The Case for Translating Your Sales Materials

Salespeople are always looking for new markets and prospects. They’ll spend thousands on leads and give themselves hours of work making cold calls and scheduling appointments. We’ve got a lead generation idea for you that we’re sure you’ve overlooked: translating your sales materials.

Sales document translation isn’t just for large, global corporations. It can help smaller businesses find new prospects in their own backyards and ensure that all of their current customers feel supported during the sales process. Here are a few reasons why translating sales materials makes sense.

Reach More Local Prospects

No matter where your company is based, you have the opportunity to reach more local customers if you translate your sales documents. Our hometown of Minneapolis is home to dozens of communities with first languages other than English. It just makes sense for Minneapolis-based businesses to translate sales materials into Spanish, Somali, and Hmong.

If you want to reach more customers, consider translating your sales documents into one or two other languages. You may already have an idea on which languages make sense for your community. If not, do a little online research. Government websites are a good place to start.

Expand Your Reach Globally

Want to take your business international? If so, you’re going to want to translate your sales documents to reach your target market. We suggest working closely with a translation service that is an expert in the region you are hoping to expand into. They can help you make sure the language you use on your materials is relevant (and appropriate!) for your target market.

When you translate sales materials for an international market, be sure to maintain your company’s unique voice and brand identity. Again, choose your translation service wisely. The best ones not only translate the words on the page; they interpret your company voice and tone, too.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Not only does translation expand your market reach, it can also lead to improved customer satisfaction. You likely have current customers whose first language is not English. They may prefer to learn about your products and services in their native languages. Providing sales materials and product information in a variety of languages helps build your relationships with all of your customers, improve satisfaction, and increase customer loyalty.  

If we’ve convinced you to try out translation, get in touch with us. We’ve provided translation services to companies that want to expand their reach. Contact Balius today to discover your options. 

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