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Reuse, Recycle Ideas for Content Marketing

At Balius, we love helping our clients tell their brand stories and attract more customers. It’s even better when we can save them a little money by repurposing content marketing pieces that have worked in the past. Here’s why we encourage our clients to reuse and recycle successful content and why you should add recycled ideas for content marketing to your strategy.

The More Sales Touches the Better

Five, seven, eight, twelve—sales experts disagree on the exact number of touchpoints it takes to make a sale. However, they all agree that you need to reach out multiple times to get through to clients. Here’s how we interpret these stats: not everyone who will buy from you will see your content the first time you share it.

If that’s the case, then you can worry less about repeating yourself. Indeed, it may make even more sense to recycle your content. It saves you time and helps to strengthen your brand by staying consistent and persistent with your message.

Ideas for Content Marketing That You Can Recycle

All sorts of content can be reused. Dig back into your blog archives and dust off a few posts that performed well. Reread them to make sure they’re relevant, add any additional updates or fresh statistics, and repost them to your blog.

Old blog posts or refreshed blog posts make great content for email marketing, too. Think of all the people who may have missed your post the first time you sent it or all the folks who are new additions to your list. Don’t let them miss out on hearing everything you have to say.

Social media presents an excellent opportunity for recycling ideas for content marketing. Social media platforms all have proprietary algorithms that determine which of your followers see your content on their feeds. Most news feeds refresh at the speed of light, making it even more unlikely your followers spot your content. When you send out a post, it’s highly unlikely that everyone who follows you actually sees it.

While frustrating, this reality offers you an opportunity to reuse and recycle social media posts without annoying your followers. Just make sure you’re not reusing the same content week after week. We often create monthly social posts for clients that they use and recycle over the next three months or so.  That way, they have branded, impactful content to share for 90 days and maintain a consistent and persistent message.

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