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Logo Design Trends to Try in 2023

Last month, we shared the hottest trends in web design for 2023. This month, we’re sharing logo design trends. While branding does not chase trends as much as website and print design do, it does evolve from year to year. In 2023, look for logos that incorporate funky monograms, simplified geometry, or a sketchy, scribbly vibe.

Funky Monograms

Once reserved for stuffy law firms, the monogram has made a big comeback and is a popular logo design trend for 2023. Companies in a wide range of industries are choosing monogram logo designs that incorporate funky fonts, inventive letter placement, layers, and bold colors. Some brands may stretch the concept of a monogram to the extreme, creating abstract representations of their letters to create a funky, edgy mark. 

Simplified Geometry

Your company’s logo mark may be the most identifiable part of your brand. For this reason, you might be reluctant to change it. But if your current logo mark features complicated lines or a complex design, it may be time to try something new. Another logo design trend for 2023 is simplified geometry. This trend takes a current mark and distills it into its most basic shapes. The recent Kia rebrand is an example of simplified geometry in action.    

Sketchy Scribbles

If simplified geometry reminds you of the stark, brutalist (and let’s be honest, a bit ugly) designs of the 1950s and 1960s, then the sketchy scribbles trend may be for you. Logo designs that look like scribbles or doodles are another logo design trend for 2023. Hand-drawn logos and marks have a raw, unfinished look that may be perfect for telling your brand’s story. These freeform designs can incorporate a just-off-the-napkin sketchy look or embrace the strong, simple lines of a cartoon or comic strip.

If you’re planning a logo refresh in 2023 or need to create a new brand from scratch, these logo design trends can help get your creative juices flowing. For professional graphic design and branding advice, get in touch with the Balius creative team today.

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