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Holiday Digital Advertising Tips

We’ve officially entered the holiday shopping season. If holiday sales are a major part of your business’s success, then it’s time to take your holiday digital advertising up a notch. Here are some things to consider as you put together your marketing and advertising plan this holiday season. 

Develop Your Strategy and Calendar

A successful holiday digital advertising campaign requires a deliberate roll-out of content across several marketing channels. Your strategy could include an email coupon to your loyal customers, Google Ads showcasing your top products, and a social media campaign that offers deals and giveaways to your followers.

Whatever marketing strategies you decide to employ this holiday season, take some time to think about how they’ll work together, then create a calendar for deploying your content. To save your sanity during the busy shopping season, get your emails, social posts, and digital ads developed and scheduled now. That way, you can concentrate on delivering exceptional customer service during the holiday rush.

Spread Out Your Holiday Digital Advertising Efforts

As we mentioned above, your holiday marketing strategy should include several marketing channels. Don’t throw all of your eggs in a single basket. Instead, use a combination of email, social media organic posts, social media paid ads, and Google Ads to increase your reach. Using these strategies in tandem increases your reach and builds brand awareness.

Treat Your Loyal Customers

Focusing efforts on your current customers can create a reason for your customers to shop with you this holiday season. Consider sending your current customers a coupon code via email or text to encourage them to shop early and save. You can offer your customers deals on specific products or offer storewide promotions. Treating your loyal customers well can help you increase holiday sales and even extend the holiday shopping season if you get your emails out early.

Focus Your Message on the Holidays

For social media posts and paid ads, make sure your messaging focuses on the holidays. This can include the imagery you use in the posts or ads as well as the promotion, whether you’re offering special holiday shopping hours or holiday discounts. For your paid ads, you can target your audience by age, gender, education, location, and general interest. This can help you focus your messaging further to increase conversion.

The holiday shopping season is in full swing. Is your marketing strategy ready to capitalize on it? Contact the Balius creative team today to schedule a consultation.

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