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Gear Up for 2023 Trade Shows (Really)

C’mon, Balius. We’re barely halfway through 2022. You can’t really expect me to start planning for my 2023 trade show now, can you?

Yes, we can. And you absolutely should.

Anyone who’s purchased trade show signage, booth furniture, or even promotional products in the last year know that unpredictable supply chain interruptions can cause a lot of anxiety. If you’re hitting the trade show circuit next year, get your trade show gear ready now. The Balius creative team can help. 

Pop-Up Banners and Displays

Pop-up banners and pop-up displays are engaging, practical, and affordable choices for your 2023 trade show booth design. They’re easily portable and can provide a blank slate for you to fill with your branding, featured products, and bold imagery to catch participants’ eyes and draw them to your booth.

Pop-up banners, also known as retractable banners or spring back banners, are easy to set up and move. If you’re attending a smaller show or conference, they are the ideal choice for your booth. If you’re attending a larger conference and have a large footprint to work with, you can incorporate several different pop-up banners into your booth design to feature different products or services.

Pop-up displays can fit on a table-top or fill the entire width of your booth. Like pop-up banners, they can feature your branding or information about a product or service. If you use a pop-up display as a backdrop, you have more freedom to use bold imagery to attract participants to your booth.

Table Runners and Tablecloths

If your trade show footprint comes with a table or two, you’ll want to toss a branded tablecloth or runner over it. That way, participants can easily recognize the booth as yours. Tablecloths come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and custom options. Work with the Balius creative team to find the product that’s the right fit for you.

Flags and Hanging Signage

Flags and hanging signage are eye-catching additions to 2023 trade show booths. Flags are easy to see from far away and can beckon participants to come check out your booth. They’re portable, easy to set up, and come in eye-catching colors. Some spaces allow you to hang signage from the ceiling. If this is possible at your 2023 event, consider investing in some hanging signage. This type of signage can really help your trade show booth stand out from the rest of the floor.

Backdrops and Backwalls

Pop-up displays can act like backdrops to your booth. But a formal backdrop or backwall display may be more effective if you have a large space to fill. These larger displays help define your trade show space. They offer ample opportunity for you to brand your booth and engage trade show participants.

Backdrops and backwalls are often made of fabric that stretches over frames to create a streamlined look. This makes them extremely portable and easy to take from show to show, as the fabric rolls up neatly for transport and storage.

Promotional Products

Don’t forgot to invest in some promotional products to hand out at your 2023 trade show booth. Participants love giveaways, especially if you offer something creative that they’ve never seen before. There are thousands of promo products available beyond pens and sticky notes. The Balius creative team can help you find something that will be a big hit with participants next year.

It’s the perfect time to get started on your 2023 trade show booth design. Get in touch with Balius today for professional booth design help.

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