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5 Innovative Uses for Video Marketing

Video marketing’s here to stay. The question is how you’re going to leverage it for your business this year. The average person watches 100 minutes of online videos every day, according to an Invideo poll. If you’re not marketing to people with video, you’re missing out on a growing and engaged market.

Not sure where to invest your video marketing dollars? Balius has five suggestions for you.

1. Vlogging and Live Video for Business

In that same Invideo survey, 64 percent of consumers said they purchased a product after watching a brand’s video online. Forty-five percent of consumers want brands to produce more live videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social media platforms. This demand shows up in the analytics, too, with live video and video performing better than posts with text and images.

Vlogging and live video on social media has one of the lowest barriers to entry for video marketing. All you need to get started is a smartphone and some content ideas. You can level up your game with a mic, ring light, and tripod.

2. Video Email Marketing

Another video marketing trend that’s taking off this year is video email marketing. We’ve seen brands use video email marketing in their sales processes and to build relationships with current clients. You can use video in email to follow up on your last call with a prospect, explain how to use a product a customer’s purchased, or say a personal hello to a current client.

Wondering how to get started with video email marketing? There are several platforms that make it easy, including Covideo, Vidyard, and HippoVideo, just to name a few. Get in touch with us to learn how you can incorporate more video into your email marketing.    

3. Shoppable Videos

Part content marketing, part advertising, shoppable videos are one of the biggest marketing trends in 2021. Imagine you’re a clothing retailer, and you produce a video of a model showing off this season’s new clothing line. In the video, she shows off each garment’s features and creates new outfits with other items in your inventory. In the top-left corner of the video is an area where viewers can click to purchase the garments in the video as they appear. Pretty powerful, right?

4. Digital Video Advertising

Marketers are expected to spend $12.66 billion on digital video advertising by 2024, according to Statista. Digital video ads are more engaging than image-based digital advertising. Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms have video advertising built into their ad platforms. Other platforms allow you to deploy digital video ads across platforms.

Digital video ads can take several forms. You may choose to invest in linear digital ads that appear before, during, or after streaming content, much like a TV commercial. Or, you could overlay text on top of a streaming video. Other digital ads show up as a banner ad or inline on a blog or article. The Balius team can help you choose the type of digital video ad that’s right for your company.  

5. Employee Training Videos

Is most of your staff working remotely nowadays? If so, you’ve probably experienced how difficult it is to provide training and education to your remote employees. Video can be the solution. Many of the concepts and processes your in-person training covers can be explained in a video you can share again and again with different employees. Investing time into a few well-produced training videos can save you time and money long-term as well as improving the quality of your training. 

Ready to incorporate video into your marketing strategy this year? Give the creative team at Balius a call today. We can help you understand your options and create a video marketing strategy for your brand.

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