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2023 Website Design Trends

a laptop and tablet with pictures on it

Last January, we shared our top website trends for 2022. This year, we’re back with a whole new list of 2023 website design trends. Here’s a closer look at three of this year’s top trends: movement, maximalism, and minimalism.


Scrolling Effects Engage Users

In 2023, expect to see more websites with movement incorporated into their design. Scrolling effects have been around for years now, but they are experiencing a surge in popularity. One of the most common scrolling effect is parallax, which creates a 3-D effect on a web page as a user scrolls down the site. Parallax can keep users engaged with your website and encourage them to scroll past the top-of-fold and interact with content further down the page. 

Kinetic Typography

Kinetic typography is another type of movement you may see on websites this year. Kinetic typography is moving text. This can be as simple as text that bounces on the page. Or, you may see kinetic typography that changes the website’s content with every move.


Layering Text & Pictures

Maximalism embraces lots of design elements, bold color and typography choices, and video to create a busy but organized design. Designing in layers is one example of maximalism in action. Layering images and text creates a rich design that packs your website full of content. The best layered designs are rich in text and imagery without feeling overwhelming or disorganized.

Cinemagraphs & Animated Illustrations

Cinemagraphs and moving illustrations are not only maximalist designs, they hop on the movement trend, too. Cinemagraphs are gifs that animate in a continuous loop. They add visual interest to an otherwise static site, drawing the eye and engaging users. The same is true of animated illustrations. Both are examples of maximalist designs and can help you engage with potential customers.


Text-Only Sites

Despite maximalism’s rise in popularity in 2023, minimalism is still having its day. Some websites have leaned into typography as design. The result is a beautiful site that is visually uncluttered and easy to navigate.

Minimal Vintage

Minimal vintage websites embrace the minimalist trend but with a vintage aesthetic. This trend both lends depth and softness to a minimalist design and adds a pinch of modernity to an old-fashioned look.

There you have it—the top 2023 website design trends. For more inspiration and to get started on your website design, get in touch with the Balius creative team today.

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