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10 New Holiday Marketing Ideas

Want your slice of the $960 billion the National Retail Federation expects Americans to spend this holiday season? Read on for ten of our favorite holiday marketing ideas to make the most of the holiday shopping season. 

1. Start Early – Holiday Marketing Ideas

Start your holiday marketing early (Small Business Saturday is a great option) to start the season off right. Consider offering existing clients a special promotion to kick off their holiday shopping.

2. Engage Your Social Media Followers

Get your followers in the mood to shop with a fun holiday photo contest or online giveaway. Have your followers tag you in a post or share one of your posts and put them in a drawing for a special holiday giveaway or promotion.

3. Offer a Product Guide

A product guide can be a helpful way to guide shoppers to your most popular—and profitable—products and services. You may consider bundling some of your favorite products into gift sets to make shopping with you effortless.

4. Promote Digital Gift Cards

Digital gift cards make excellent last-minute gifts, so why not turn them into a last-minute sales opportunity? Market your digital gift cards via email or on social media in the last two weeks leading up to Christmas to target last-minute shoppers.  

5. Offer Unique Discount Codes

Discount codes are great ways to track how shoppers are finding and engaging with your business. Use unique discount codes for email marketing, social media marketing, and print to discover which of your marketing channels performs best. You can use this year’s data to improve your marketing next year.

6. Focus Your Content Marketing

If you’re trying to grow holiday sales in November and December, focus your content marketing on the holidays. If you are clothing retailer, use your blog to feature holiday outfits. If you’re a skincare company, share ways busy hosts can practice self-care during the holiday season. You can also use your blog and other content marketing to share new products, guides, and testimonials from happy customers.  

7. Decorate Your Digital Storefront

You decorate your physical storefront for the holidays, so why not your digital storefront? Swap out your usual social media assets for holiday-themed imagery and update the hero images on your website with holiday artwork.

8. Grow Your Email Followers

The holidays offer you a great opportunity to grow your email followers. Offer a modest promotion for joining your email list (think $5 off or 5% off your first order). Often, this is enough for a potential customer to give you their email address.

9. Host an Event at Your Shop

Want to jumpstart your holiday sales? Host a shopping or other event at your shop. Offer special discounts throughout the day, exclusive products, and festive giveaways for shoppers who stop in throughout the day.

10. Play Cleanup after Christmas

Don’t let up on your holiday marketing ideas after December 25 has passed. Many folks continue to exchange gifts into the new year as they meet up with friends and relatives. Extend your holiday marketing through the end of the year to capture these late shoppers.  

Need help putting together a strong holiday marketing strategy? The Balius creative team is here to help. Get in touch with us to start the process.

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