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3 Reasons Why You Need a Content Marketing Plan

It happens every year. You block a day out of your busy calendar to spend some time developing your growth goals for the coming year. Maybe you even write down some of the marketing strategies you want to use to get you there. But then things come up, and you never seem to find the time to write that blog post or send that email. Months pass, and your marketing to-dos get bumped to the bottom of your list. You promise yourself that next year will be different.

We’ve found that a lack of a comprehensive content marketing plan is the primary reason most businesses don’t follow through with their marketing intentions. Without a clear goal and path forward, marketing efforts often fail to get off the ground. At Balius, we can show you a different way! Our team can work with you to put together a content marketing plan and help you execute it so you can get closer to reaching your growth goals this year.

1. A Content Marketing Plan Complements Your Business’s Growth Strategy

A content marketing plan is an excellent complement to your business plan and overall growth strategy. If you have annual, three-year, and ten-year goals for your company, your annual and quarterly content marketing plans contain the daily action steps to help you achieve these goals.

As you put together your content marketing plan, keep your short-term and long-term goals top of mind. Which products or services do you want to sell more of in the next one to three years? What new markets do you want to reach? How will you track your success?

2. A Content Marketing Plan Helps You Integrate Your Marketing Efforts

Blogging, email, social media, video, print advertising—you have a lot of tools in your marketing toolkit. A content marketing plan can help you integrate these tools so they’re working together to help you grow your business.

Let’s say you intend to blog, send some marketing emails, and boost your presence on social media this year. These content marketing tools work best when they’re working together. When you post your blog to your website, schedule a few posts on social media to help users find it. Follow up with an email at the end of the month featuring the blog post and your related products or services. By integrating your marketing tools, you maximize your marketing investment and grow your business faster.

3. A Content Marketing Plan Keeps You On Track

If you always have big goals for marketing your business but never seem to be able to follow through, a content marketing plan may be the tool that keeps you on track. Saying you want to blog or send more emails is an intention, not a plan. A plan will help you put your intention into action.

A good content marketing plan not only outlines themes and topics for the year, it includes the different marketing tools you want to use and concrete dates for scheduling blog posts, sending emails, and posting to social media. When the path forward is clear, it’s much easier to stay on track.

At Balius, our content marketing services always start with a plan. After talking with you about your marketing goals, we’ll put together a plan to reach your audience and share information about your industry, products, and services. Our talented creative team will put together engaging content for you that will help you reach more people and meet your growth goals.

To work with us or learn more about content marketing planning, contact us today.

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