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2021 Website Design Trends

From font styles and 3-D images to minimalism and improved accessibility, here are the top website design trends the Balius creative team is watching this year. Which ones would you consider implementing for your new website in 2021?

Serif Fonts Stick Around
Ever notice some fonts are curvier than others? Those curves at the end of letters in font like Times New Roman, Garamond, or Georgia are called serifs, and they make fonts easier to read. Their classic look has been a trend in website and graphic design for a few years, which we predict will continue into 2021.

Enter Dark Mode
The glare from blue light on screens wreaks havoc on your eyes and your circadian rhythm. The solution is dark mode, which allows users to make text white on a black background rather than black on a white background. Dark mode’s been available on phone apps for a while, and now the same trend is coming to website design. Apple and other design-forward companies have adopted dark mode for their websites, and we expect other brands to follow suit. Will you?

Images Go 3-D
Whether you sell clothing or shop equipment, adding 3-D images to your website could help you close more deals. 3-D images provide a more realistic shopping experience for users, allowing them to get a look at your product from all angles. Let your customers to get a closer look at fabric or a better view of your CNC drill’s components as they make their purchasing decisions.

Minimalism and Collages Vie for Popularity
Two opposing design aesthetics will be trendy in 2021. The first is minimalism, which has been a web design mainstay for nearly a decade. A minimalist website utilizes white space, clear text, and a simple navigation structure to create a good-looking and functional site. On the other end of the spectrum, collage design is becoming a popular choice for many brands. This trend layers fonts, graphics, illustrations, and photographs to catch the eye and engage users with website content.

Accessibility Is Advantageous
You want your website to attract and engage as many people as possible, right? Making your website accessible to everyone isn’t only the right thing to do, it’s also a great way to boost SEO and convert more customers. Increase the accessibility of your website with strong color contrast, labeling form fields, and including descriptive alt tags with all your images.
These are just a few of the trends we’re watching for 2021. Feeling inspired? The Balius creative team is here to help. Get in touch today.

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